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Yes, you should bring your own Laptop, so that you can work efficiently on your project.

Yes, in general there is a printer provided for your usage. But your posters will be printed by the Host anyway .

Duration for presentations:
  • 30 min presentation
  • 15 min interaction with the audience
  • 05 min audience leaving the room
  • 10 min jury evaluation
  • 10 min feedback from the jury

You can find more information on the website page „Guidelines„.

Yes, as you have to do your country presentation at the global village and the Euroweek is a cultural event it would be nice to bring some specialities from your country.

You can find more information in the „Guidelines„.

In Austria we have a saying called „Der April, der macht was er will!“. These words are referring to the austrian weather in April and are meaning translated „The April, does what it want!“. Due to this reason it is pretty difficult to make an accurate forecast for the weather in this month. We cannot say, if it will be raining, snowing or an awesome spring day with a lot of sun ;). We just can give you an estimation that the temperature range will be approximately from 10°C up to 18°C.

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